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We’re a grass roots political movement started in the USA and we’re growing. Yet, we welcome the Peoples of the world to learn about this concept and we encourage them to adapt it as part of their governing process. We believe that it’s time for People everywhere to have a Direct Participation in their government. We believe that it is possible to have a true government of the People, by the People and for the People.

Yet, this political movement is intentionally NOT centralized. Because, to do so may expose it to the possibility of being taken over by subversives. Decentralizing political power is an important lesson the founding fathers left us. This movement doesn’t need a centralized authoritative hierarchy. It doesn’t need those that would work as a SHILL and undermine the People’s best interest while covertly advancing SPECIAL INTEREST.

Therefore, it is best that each local area be its own focal point for a People’s Branch. Furthermore, it isn’t necessary to coordinate with anyone for You to start a People’s Branch in your area.

Direct Participation Benefits All

People everywhere need to create for themselves their own People’s Branch political movement. This can happen much the same way many people around the world adopted some form of a republic or a representative democracy. A People’s Branch will help safeguard American’s rights and freedoms through the additional Checks and Balances of the direct participation of the People in their Government. Just as importantly a People’s Branch will help stop the onslaught of tyranny by SPECIAL INTEREST here and in countries around the world! If you believe that government can be improved, then know that YOUR Direct Participation through a People’s Branch will help make government better! Can we count on YOU to help improve YOUR government? A People’s Branch Will Benefit YOU. If you can see that a People’s Branch will benefit YOU, Your Loved Ones, Your Community, Your Country, and Your World then YOU should join us. YOU can make a People’s Branch happen! We encourage YOU to spread the word and let everyone know of and learn about ThePeoplesBranch.org. Those in any area, municipality, state and/or nation that help to make a People's Branch of government happen should consider themselves Founding Members. Whether you choose to engage the political system and create a People's Branch political movement in your area or prefer to support our fight for Direct Checks and Balances by the People through your financial donations, we say thank you in advance. Whichever you choose we greatly appreciate your efforts to assist We The People in this noblest of causes. Email: webmaster@ThePeoplesBranch.org

Better Government Globally

In every country and all sides of the political spectrum, GATEKEEPERS continuously profess public advocacy. However, most GATEKEEPERS only want to lead and/or mislead their followers in order to ultimately benefit themselves and/or some “SPECIAL INTEREST”. Yet, shouldn’t they really advocate and work to give you/their followers/constituents the power to safeguard your/their own best interest? Isn’t the idea of having direct input by the people on matters that concern them worthy of consideration? The reason why GATEKEEPERS don’t work to give the people a direct say in the things that concern them is because they basically serve SPECIAL INTEREST. And they both know that when the people have a direct participation in their government the power and control of SPECIAL INTEREST comes to an end! Didn’t the founding fathers in the USA warn against centralizing too much power? Yes! Yet, to maintain the power and control in the hands of the few (SPECIAL INTEREST) the GATEKEEPERS use a basic strategy. That strategy is called “Controlled Opposition” and it’s the easiest way to divide and conquer the People. It is used to literally subvert the will of the people against their own best interest.

Better Government Nationally

GATEKEEPERS control issues and direct the focus of attention of their followers. GATEKEEPERS polarize people into varying groups for more easy manageability. But manageability by whom and for what reason? Isn’t it obvious that only SPECIAL INTEREST has the motive to keep the people from having a direct say in the things that concern them and their loved ones. Otherwise, SPECIAL INTEREST couldn’t continue to keep government serving their interests over the people’s interest! It’s worth noting that GATEKEEPERS have at least one thing in common. And that is they never ever support or strengthen the people’s ability to protect their own interests through direct participation in government!
Yet, they simply always want you/their followers to support them and their positions or issues and/or elect them or some other SPECIAL INTEREST serving GATEKEEPERS. Secretly, they see themselves as part of “elite” circles that believe they have a right to manage and control you and keep you down unless you serve them. Remember, most GATEKEEPERS secretly or openly represent some SPECIAL INTEREST over your interest! While most GATEKEEPERS profess public advocacy and constantly spout the rhetoric that they either serve or will serve your and their constituents’ best interest – Few do!
You might think elected officials, bureaucrats and public servants would be eager to strengthen the republic and democracy in a way where their constituents and the public are able to help them resist the power of SPECIAL INTEREST! Well think again. Most all elected officials, bureaucrats and public servants are GATEKEEPERS and they fear a People’s Branch because it ultimately returns the power of government back to the people.
Think about GATEKEEPERS (especially elected officials, bureaucrats and the leaders of both major and most minor political parties.) Are they afraid of a People’s Branch of government? Well most are! Ask them for yourself and you’ll see. Ask them to endorse this political movement. i.e. a way to provide the people with a mechanism to have a direct participation in government. You’ll see! You will see for yourself when the office holding GATEKEEPERS deny the benefits of a People’s Branch or they may just give you the “run-around”. In either case you’ll see where they really stand. (You may find they’ll stand like the loyalists stood for the SPECIAL INTEREST of the monarchy before the USA’s revolutionary war for independence.)
But, the real question is WHY? Well it’s because, most of them will never willingly surrender one modicum of power. Especially if it allows the people themselves to help safeguard their own best interest. History has shown that most GATEKEEPERS must be forced if they are to surrender anything that they consider to be part of their power.

Better Government Locally

The additional Checks and Balances upon power from a People’s Branch can reign in much of SPECIAL INTEREST’s abuse to our political system and provide a way for a much better and greater prosperity and justice system for everyone.
Yet, hidden behind the GATEKEEPERS is of course SPECIAL INTEREST. And it is SPECIAL INTEREST that fears a People’s Branch even more because they know that their ability to maintain their stranglehold of power over the people only comes through government. They realize, as should you, that their stranglehold of power over you comes to an end with the Checks and Balances of your direct participation in government through a People’s Branch.
Ultimately, those that are truly worthy of your attention, admiration, alliance, loyalty and support have genuine concern for you and your best interests and work continuously to give you a direct say in the things that concern and affect you and your loved ones.
Hopefully, sooner rather than later, before things get too bad or soon thereafter, enough reasonable, responsible and conscientious people will come to understand how participating directly in the governing process benefits themselves, their loved ones, their local communities and their nation as a whole.
A People’s Branch creates the mechanism within government that ensures the people as a whole can safeguard their own best interest through oversight, Checks and Balances of their own elected officials, bureaucrats and public servants.
Direct oversight, Checks and Balances of government by the people is needed now more than ever before. It is reasonable, responsible and conscientious people that are making it happen.
You can help by letting everyone know that you are for a “Better Government for the 21st Century Through Direct Participation Of The People, By The People and For The People.

Direct Participation Of the People, By the People, and For the People.

What could be more prudent than the collective wisdom of the People to help steer our political process? Isn’t this the basic approach that the founding fathers of the USA took only a short time ago?

Yes! It is widely accepted as true that it is the People that ultimately have the control of government through the election of officials.

Yet, should that governing system be gamed, overtaken and controlled as it is NOW by SPECIAL INTEREST, the People may still implement the means to bring it back under their control. Therefore, Direct Participation Of the People, By the People and For the People.

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