This political movement is NOT centralized. Because, to do so may expose the political movement to the possibility of being taken over by subversives.

Decentralizing political power is important wisdom the U.S. founders left us. Use it!

You Can Start a People's Branch in Your Area

By not having a centralized authoritative hierarchy or "TOP", it is unlikely that subversives will make their way to said TOP. Thereby, preventing a takeover by deceptive SHILLs and their subsequent undermining of the people’s best interest while covertly advancing SPECIAL INTEREST.

U.S.A. & Internationally​

Therefore, it is best that each local area be its own focal point for a People’s Branch. Furthermore, it isn’t necessary to coordinate with anyone for You to start a People’s Branch in your area. Here in the USA we welcome all those that would help safeguard the principles of the Constitution of the United States of America.

For those peoples around the world that would also gain and protect the principles of rights and freedoms. You too may help safeguard and improve your way of life by creating a People’s Branch of government. No matter which country you live in, if you believe that government can be improved and improvement is needed — then YOU can help create a better government!


To truly reform the evils of government in a sustainable way take up this cause and help make a People’s Branch of government a reality in your area! Starting with this web site, learn the plan, spread the word. Here in the USA the petition is key. Start a petition drive, (make your own or use our petition, just adopt it for your local area). Get enough signed petitions to put this issue on the ballot. Voters will adopt it. If it is slow to start just continue until it passes! No matter your country, you can start locally in your own community, municipality, town, or city. Then expand out, go bigger, more areas. Ultimately, we will get states and national People’s Branches. Start anywhere you choose! You have the political power! It is now and always has been yours!

Whether you choose to engage the political system and create a People’s Branch political movement in your area or prefer to support our fight for Direct Checks and Balances by the People through your financial donations, we say thank you in advance. Whichever you choose we greatly appreciate your efforts to assist We the People in this noblest of causes.


Direct Participation Of the People, By the People, and For the People.

What could be more prudent than the collective wisdom of the People to help steer our political process? Isn’t this the basic approach that the founding fathers of the USA took only a short time ago?

Yes! It is widely accepted as true that it is the People that ultimately have the control of government through the election of officials.

Yet, should that governing system be gamed, overtaken and controlled as it is NOW by SPECIAL INTEREST, the People may still implement the means to bring it back under their control. Therefore, Direct Participation Of the People, By the People and For the People.

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