How It Works

Reasonable, Responsible and Conscientious People have always made the difference in keeping our Inalienable/Constitutional Rights and Our Nation Free.

A People’s Branch is a way for average citizens to help control and improve their government through Checks and Balances by their direct participation in government.


A People's Branch of government is the ultimate oversight, Check and Balance for office holding government officials and bureaucrats (Office Holder). Each Office Holder has a corresponding governing body within the People's Branch. The governing body is the Office Holder's citizen constituents themselves. Oversight of each Office Holder is performed by the Office Holder's constituents through the People's Branch of government. A People's Branch allows the citizen constituents of an Office Holder to Check and Balance their Office Holder's vote on legislative matters. A People's Branch is the indispensable mechanism to make a citizen constituent's direct hands on oversight possible. The Office Holder's constituents that are members of the People's Branch are responsible for voting to pass or fail their Office Holder’s vote concerning legislative matters. Only the People's Branch members that are the Office Holder’s constituents have the binding authority to Check and Balance the Office Holder’s vote on legislative matters. You - the citizen constituent, can help protect you and your loved one’s own best interest by voting to pass or fail your Office Holder’s votes. Because, your vote can keep them from overly favoring special interest over your and other citizen constituent’s own best interest. Membership in the People’s Branch is Voluntary. Direct participation in government through the People’s Branch is Voluntary. But if you want to check and balance Office Holders to insure that they are working for you – their constituent, then the exercise of your oversight authority as a People’s Branch member is necessary.

Direct Participation

Direct participation in government gives you – the citizen constituent the power to prevent and/or repeal bad legislation that harms your own best interest! A People’s Branch forces office holding government officials and bureaucrats (Office Holder) to justify consider how their actions and legislations may affect you – their constituents!

Forcing a new vote is one way that the People’s Branch helps change, stall or kill legislation that is against your – the constituent’s best interest! Yet, when citizen constituents – People’s Branch members fail an office holder’s vote the office holder may yet still continue to vote the same way. And, should the office holder’s citizen constituents – People’s Branch members also continue to fail the office holder’s vote then the office holder may want to try and help you – their constituents – People’s Branch members understand why or how letting their vote pass may best serves you – the constituent’s best interest.

However, in the event of an impasse where an office holder continues their same vote and you – their constituents – People’s Branch members continue to fail it, then, you – the constituents may exercise other options, such as, a recall or electing someone else etc. Passing or failing an office holder’s votes by you – their constituents – People’s Branch members insures that your – the constituent’s best interest, as a whole, have a true hope to be served.

Strength & JUSTICE


The strength of a People’s Branch is self-evident because on the whole a reasonable, responsible and conscientious citizenry are themselves their own best guardians of their rights, freedoms and best interests. Remember, a People’s Branch gives YOU the citizen constituents, the strong, prestigious and positive power to command, exercise and execute true Checks and Balances upon your government! This power is reserved for You, the citizen constituents. This power can NOT and will NOT be overcome or offset by the unreasonable, irresponsible, careless and unpatriotic.


The People’s Branch will function as a legislative branch at all levels (local, state and national). It will be comparable in all respects to its (counterpart) branches at each level – municipalities, towns, cities, counties, states, and national.

Among its powers will be the power to order and conduct independent investigations. If governmental abuse, corruption, waste and fraud, etc., are to ever be defeated then reasonable, responsible and conscientious people must participate directly in their governmental affairs respectively. Thereby, creating the ultimate Checks and Balances against abuse, corruption, waste and fraud, etc., and SPECIAL INTERESTS undue influence and control.

Here in the USA we believe that if the founding fathers were setting up the government today they would undoubtedly utilize modern technology. They would appreciate the wisdom of having a People’s Branch to decentralize power and further strengthen the Checks and Balances within our constitutional republic.

Remember, the technology now exists to accomplish the logistics of implementing a People’s Branch. Secure banking is being carried out online and secure voting can also be conducted online.

Will you help? You can by informing everyone you know about this political movement. Let them know that you are for the formation of a “Better Government for the 21st Century Through Direct Participation Of The People, By The People and For The People..

Member Allegiance

A People’s Branch of government WILL require its members to be able to demonstrate a strong and proficient level of understanding of the United States government and the United States Constitution. People’s Branch members will be required to swear an oath of allegiance to the United States of America and to Uphold, Support, and Defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic.Because of the levels of government in which members will be involved it is reasonable to have both an age and competency requirement for participation in the People’s Branch of government. The founders, of the United States of America, in their wisdom had reason to impose requirements as specified in the U.S. Constitution, that a person must be at least 35 to be President or Vice President, 30 to be a Senator, and 25 to be a Representative. As well, the U.S. states in their wisdom have also required age requirements for the offices of Governor, State Senator, and State Representative. Therefore, for participation in the People’s Branch of government, it is reasonable to require that they, the People’s Branch members, must be citizens and 35 years of age or older.Additionally, there is wisdom when considering a competency requirement for participation in the People’s Branch of government. Take for instance, in all U. S. States, the consideration for the wellbeing of other travelers makes proof of competency in order to operate a motor vehicle on public highways and/or pilot an air plane a reasonable requirement. In order to possess certain licenses, driver’s license and/or pilots license etc., it is required that individuals demonstrate levels of competency and understanding of the “rules of the road and/or air” etc. as well as the individual’s responsibility while engaging in these actions.Therefore, a competent and functioning level of understanding of government and Inalienable/Constitutional Rights are the reasonable and justifiable basis for requiring each People’s Branch member to be able to demonstrate their competencies, understandings and their individual responsibilities in their service as the ultimate Checks and Balances of government’s actions.These requirements for participation in the People’s Branch of government by individual citizen constituents will ensure that the process maintains its strength and integrity. Citizen constituents not able to demonstrate such competency may still participate provided they complete certain periodical/ongoing (Constitutional, etc.) courses designed to bring them up to speed for participation at this level of government. The People’s Branch will oversee the courses and WILL ensure that its participating members can think for themselves and are not easily led or brainwashed by GATEKEEPER SHILLS into doing the bidding of some SPECIAL INTEREST.A People’s Branch of government WILL make it virtually impossible for its members to stay under the spell of any spin doctors, propagandists, GATEKEEPER SHILLS and/or SPECIAL INTEREST.Furthermore, unlike most individual office holders, as a whole, a reasonable, responsible and conscientious citizen constituency will be very hard to corrupt and/or be bought off against their own best interest!However, because of the potential burden of the demonstrable competency requirement to some indispensable members of the workforce, for the first 8 years the following group members will be exempt from the demonstrable competency requirements in order to participate in the Peoples Branch of government: Active Military, Military Veterans, Active Law Enforcement, Veteran Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Personnel, Firefighters, Farmers and Truck Drivers.Finally, the practical application of a People’s Branch will be that reasonable, responsible and conscientious citizen constituents will, as they always have, continuously make the difference. They take the time to follow issue developments and educate themselves. More importantly, reasonable, responsible and conscientious citizen constituents will continually participate by voting their values and interests. They will continuously carry the day by out voting the deadbeats and freeloaders! Then as now, most deadbeats and freeloaders won’t even take the time to vote!

Direct Participation Of the People, By the People and For the People.

What could be more prudent than the collective wisdom of the People to help steer our political process? Isn’t this the basic approach that the founding fathers of the USA took only a short time ago?

Yes! It is widely accepted as true that it is the People that ultimately have the control of government through the election of officials.

Yet, should that governing system be gamed, overtaken and controlled as it is NOW by SPECIAL INTEREST, the People may still implement the means to bring it back under their control. Therefore, Direct Participation Of the People, By the People and For the People.

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